Covid 19 Park Rules


For the 2021 season we are having to open the park with a lot of social changes to ensure we all continue the good work to eliminate the Coronavirus disease.  Below you will find the government guidance links which you should familiarise yourself with to ensure we all continue to remain safe, along with our new park guidance for the 2021 season.

YOU MUST NOT TRAVEL if you have any of the symptons as listed by the government HERE

If you show any symptons whilst on the park you
MUST FOLLOW the government guidance HERE.  If you cannot return home, you will be expected to pay all additional accommodation costs

By downloading our new park app for your mobile device you can carry a copy of our guidance with you plus many additional services to make life easier on the park.  To find us on the Apple store click HERE and for the Google Store click HERE


YOU MUST NOT LEAVE HOME IF YOU OR ANYONE YOU LIVE WITH HAS CORONAVIRUS SYMPTOMS, including a high temperature, a new and continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

On Arrival

Please remain in your vehicle. 

We will walk to you to complete our welcome and check in.  


All our pitches are hedged and divided. 

Please DO NOT walk across another pitch and ensure 2m social distancing at all times.

Day visitors are not allowed.  Please meet family and friends off-site so we can limit the number of people on our campsite.

Service Points

Please wear all necessary PPE when using the service points.

Use your own hand sanitiser before and after use.

Observe 2m social distancing.

Toilet & Showers

Whenever possible, we recommend using your own “on board” shower/toilet facilities.

Wear a face mask

At busy times, please do not queue inside.  On these occassions a member of staff may control entry.

Enter the toilet block from the park side.

Use the hand sanitiser at the entrance

Observe 2m social distancing.  If you need to walk past somebody please do so back to back.

Within the shower cubicles please use the supplied sanitiser spray on the “touch zones” before and after use.

To reduce the risk of virus transmission, we recommend spending no more than 15 minutes at any one time when using the shared facilities.

We will leave windows and doors open as much as possible to give additional ventilation.

Exit via the courtyard door

Park Shop

Wear a face mask

Use the hand sanitiser at the entrance

Observe 2m social distancing

Contactless Payment is preferred

Swimming Pool

As an outdoor facility, (and with Coronaviruses unable to survive in chlorinated water), we are no longer required to limit swimmer numbers for social distancing purposes from the 19th of July, but if you’d prefer a quieter swim, we usually find 10am-1pm & 7pm-8pm less popular vs 4pm-6pm.

Swimmer numbers will continue to be monitored from a wider safety point of view, and we may still ask people to limit the duration of their visit at busy times. 

We reserve the right to re-introduce the pool sessions booking system at anytime. 

Please read and adhere to the swimming pool rules before use, including supervision at all times of children under the age of 16 by an adult (0ver 18).

Use the hand sanitiser at the entrance/exit before opening the gate.

Do not move the furniture

Observe 2m social distancing both in the water and within the complex.

To order food & drink scan the QR code on the furntiture or click HERE


All chlidren must be supervised to ensure 2m social distancing is observed. 

Hand sanitising station are located at both entrance and should be used before using the play equipment.

The Playground will close at 9pm each day.

Parents remain responsible for their children’s hand hygiene and social distancing.

Tennis Court

You can hire rackets and balls from the park shop.

To book a court session please click HERE


If you experience any symptoms of coronavirus during your stay, (including a new, continuous cough, high temperature, or loss, or change in your normal sense of taste and smell) please leave the campsite and return home as soon as you practically can, ensuring you don’t come in to contact with others. 

Leave a message at reception so we are aware of your early departure.

Once you have arrived home, you should contact the NHS to arrange a test and continue to follow government guidance on self-isolation and social distancing.

Please note, for public health and safety, your contact information may be shared with NHS Test and Trace if this situation arises.