How the Swimming Pool will work from 19th July

As an outdoor facility, (and with Coronaviruses unable to survive in chlorinated water), we are no longer required to limit swimmer numbers for social distancing purposes from the 19th of July, but if you’d prefer a quieter swim, we usually find 10am-1pm & 7pm-8pm less popular vs 4pm-6pm.

Swimmer numbers will continue to be monitored from a wider safety point of view, and we may still ask people to limit the duration of their visit at busy times. 

We reserve the right to re-introduce the pool sessions booking system at anytime. 

Please read and adhere to the swimming pool rules before use, including supervision at all times of children under the age of 16 by an adult (0ver 18).

Use the hand sanitiser at the entrance/exit before opening the gate.

Do not move the furniture

Observe 2m social distancing both in the water and within the complex.

To order food & drink scan the QR code on the furntiture or click HERE