How To Find The Best Campsites In Cornwall

The rising costs of holidays is one reason why camping has become more popular. However, it’s also one of the best ways to connect you with the great outdoors. 

If you’re looking to go camping in Cornwall, you’ll be spoilt for choice: there are over 275 campsites in this area. Choosing the right pitch can therefore be difficult!

Here are some tips for finding the best campsite for your needs in Cornwall:

  • Look for a camping park that’s in a beautiful location. Tregarton Park offers both stunning countryside and coastal views, with our campsite close to many gorgeous places to explore. 
  • Also, pick one that has plenty of beautiful beaches nearby. As you’re probably aware, Cornwall is a mecca for beach lovers. Although you’re never too far from the shoreline in this county, most of us like to be able to get to the beach within only 10-20 minutes. Tregarton Park is close to many wonderful beaches that are ideal for all the family.
  • If you’re holidaying with young children, make sure the campsite is family-friendly. We have everything from a heated swimming pool to a playground to keep kids entertained. 
  • Look at what facilities are available. Most people now look for a campsite that offers more than just a field and a block of toilets. The best campsites in Cornwall ensure you enjoy a comfortable stay, with plenty to enjoy if you don’t feel like heading further afield. 

If you’re looking for the best campsites in Cornwall, discover more reasons to stay at Tregarton Park. Or simply contact our team for more information.