Planning in Camping in Cornwall in 2019?

Offering both beautiful countryside and a stunning coastline, Cornwall is a camping destination that offers the best of both worlds, with its wild moors, ancient villages and wealth of historical sites

Since it has much sunnier and warmer weather than the rest of the UK, it is the ideal beach destination; that also makes it the perfect place to go camping since you’re less likely to get rained on! Unsurprisingly, this part of the UK attracts over 5 million people to its beautiful beaches every year.

From its stunning landscapes to its sandy beaches which are considered some of the best in the UK, Cornwall is one of the number one places for camping in the country.

Would you like to pitch your tent on a site overlooking the Cornish countryside?

Tregarton Park is ideal for anybody looking to go camping in the South West, offering a wealth of facilities to help you make the most of your stay. We re-open in spring and are ideal for families with young children looking to go camping.

We have everything from a heated swimming pool, laundry room and tourist shops, to water points throughout the park and a toilet and shower block which are regularly cleaned by our dedicated team.

If you’re thinking of going camping in Cornwall in 2019, why not find out more about Tregarton Park?

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