Optional Booking Protection Cover

“Booking Protect” provides extra peace of mind when booking your holiday that you’re protected against the unexpected. We want you to have the best possible holiday but we also understand that it’s an important purchase and unfortunately circumstances can sometimes change. “Booking Protect” is designed to give you extra cover for a range of circumstances to ensure you receive a complete refund if you have to cancel.

The full terms and conditions are available HERE, but in summary protection includes cover for:


  • unexpected disruption of the public transport network you could not have reasonably known about before the date of the booking


    an injury, or an illness affecting you or a member of your immediate family

    death happening to you at anytime before the booking or a member of your immediate family within a 4 week period of the booking

    the mechanical breakdown, accident, fire or theft en route of a private vehicle taking you to the booking

    jury service which you were unaware of at the time of the purchase

    burglary or fire at your residence in the 48 hours immediately before the booking that required the attendance of the emergency services

    you being summoned to appear at court proceedings as a witness which you were unaware of at the time of purchase

    you being a member of the armed forces and being posted overseas unexpectedly

    adverse weather including snow, frost, fog or storm where the Police services or other Government agency have issued warnings not to travel. You must provide confirmation of relevant road closures from the Police or the relevant Government agency

    you being relocated permanently for work by your employer more than 100 miles from the booking which you were unaware of at the time of purchase or you are unexpectedly made compulsory redundant.


Please note that “Booking Protect” does not cover you against  a ‘change of heart’.

We think “Booking Protect” is a great addition, however, “Booking Protect” is completely optional so the decision is always yours.  The cover will be shown during the booking process. If you do not wish to be covered, just select ‘No’ to the “Booking Protect” question at the time of booking.

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