Booking Terms & Conditions 2024


Park:  1st May – 28th September
Shop:  1st May – 27th September
Takeaway:  1st May – 27th September
Swimming Pool: 1st May – 27th September

Park:  1st May – 27th September
Shop:  1st May – 26th September
Takeaway:  1st May – 26th September   
Swimming Pool: 1st May – 26th September


1.1 Is with Tregarton Limited, Tregarton Park, Gorran, St. Austell, Cornwall,  PL26 6NF.  A non-refundable deposit/payment is required when making your booking, this forms a contract between yourself and Tregarton Park. This means any information you have given to us either by telephone or in writing is confirmed. 

2.1 The balance of your holiday is due 28 days before your arrival.  Your booking will be cancelled if you fail to pay your balance by the stated due date.  Holidays cannot be transferred to another person or another year.  We regret refunds cannot be made if you leave the park early.
2.2 We reserve the right to decline a booking or terminate a holiday, without compensation, if in the opinion of the proprietors or staff  the unreasonable behaviour of guests may lead to a situation that could prejudice the service, safety or comfort of the other guests or staff.
2.3 Tregarton Park is relieved of legal and financial liability where circumstances are beyond it’s control.  These shall include but not be limited to riots, civil disturbance, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, pandemic, epidemic, storm, fire, water or power cuts hereby known as a Force Majeure.
2.4 We welcome bookings for any day of the week and will try our best to meet a request regarding pitch location or a specific pitch on the park, however this is not always possible due to our flexible daily booking system.
2.5 We reserve the right to amend the cost of your holiday and published tariffs, without notice, if the rate of VAT changes.
2.6 The tariff is subject to dymanic pricing.
2.7  If you fail to cancel your holiday following the correct procedure, or fail to arrive, the balance will be deducted automatically.

3.1 Unforeseen circumstances may make it necessary for you to cancel your booking. A cancellation will be effective on the date it is received by us in writing or via email.  However cancellation charges are payable as follows:  More than 28 days before your arrival date – value of deposit only.  Less than 28 days before your arrival date – 100% of total holiday cost.  You may wish to take out insurance against such an eventuality.

4.1 If you wish to amend your booking you must telephone the reception on 01726 843666 as soon as possible, as changes to your booking CANNOT be made within the 28 days prior to your arrival.


5.1 There is a 10 mph speed limit throughout the park.

5.2 Bicycles are allowed as long as they are ridden in a safe and controlled manner. Riders may be banned if this request is not adhered to.

5.3 Motorised (petrol or electric) recreational vehicles cannot be used on the Park (includes scooters, bikes, children’s ride-ons).

5.4 Dogs must be kept on a short lead at all times. They must not be allowed to foul the park or recreation area, a dog exercise field is provided. As a responsible owner we expect you to clear up any dog mess. Dogs are not allowed in the swimming pool complex, the toilets, showers or the launderette. Dogs MUST NOT be left unattended on the park.

5.5 The swimming pool may be closed during adverse weather conditions or general maintenance/repair. ALL children under 16 yrs must be accompanied by a responsible adult when in the pool complex at all times. Dinghies, surfboards and inflatables are prohibited. Bicycles/roller blades/skates are not allowed in the toilet block or swimming pool area. We try to maintain the water temperature at an average of 84 degrees. This is not always possible if the weather is inclement.

5.6 Children are the responsibility of their parents or guardians at all times. Children under 7 yrs must be accompanied to the toilets, showers and launderette by a parent. The proprietors and staff reserve the absolute right to refuse entry to the swimming pool, toilets, showers and launderette by unaccompanied under aged children. All children are expected to be back at their pitch with their families by 10pm.  

5.7 All waste/grey water MUST BE collected and emptied at the service points. All water must not be allowed to run onto the pitch or into the hedgerow. You cannot connect a hose pipe to the municipal water taps.

5.8 Motor caravans must use the Dump Station, located at the top of the park, to discharge grey waste water.

5.9 All chemical toilets must be emptied at the designated disposal points.  Only ‘green’ environmentally friendly biodegradable liquids are permitted.  You must not dispose of wet wipes, sanitary products or nappies into the drainage system.

5.10 Radios and televisions should be used considerately during the day and on low volume before 8am and after 10.30pm.

5.11 Washing should be hung out to dry in a discreet manner.

5.12 We do allow both BBQ’s and small fire pits as long as they are off the ground.  If your smoke affects other pitches you will be required to put out your fire/bbq.

5.13 Only breathable ground sheets to be used in the awnings of caravans and motorcaravans.

5.14 There is a maximum of 5 persons per pitch. An additional pitch may be required if there are more people.

5.15 Electricity Fair Usage Policy.  All pitches includes a fee to cover use of a single 10amp electric socket for light domestic use such as lighting your caravan / tent and powering appropriate appliances such as television, kettle, toaster or handheld electronic devices.  You may not use an adaptor at the post to increase the number of external sockets available to you.  The socket may not be used to power large appliances, such as space heaters for awnings, or for charging Electric Vehicles, as these may overload our system and are not included within the fee paid.  We reserve the right to charge an additional fee (e.g. unit charge) if you use an excess amount beyond the park average.

5.16 (CCTV) Closed Circuit Television In Operation.  Images are being recorded and monitored for your safety and to help prevent crime.  This scheme is controlled by Tregarton Limited